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About Voice Over Talent Scott Perry

A former news anchor for Cincinnati's 700 WLW and Louisville's 84 WHAS, Scott decided to make his mark in the world of voice overs as a professional voice over talent in 2007 after investing a huge amount of time receiving professional voice training and coaching.

Since then, professional voice over talent Scott Perry has performed tens of thousands of commercial spots, news promos, station imaging, automotive car spots and so on. 

He specializes in high quality yet affordable voiceovers with fast turnaround times for his clients. Scott understands the demands producers and editors are under and he's here to assist you with your production project.

Since 2007 he's been exceeding his client's expectations year after year. His repertoire of professional voice overs includes but not limited to: commercial voice overs, television station news imaging, nightly news topicals, smooth jazz and hot ac radio station imaging as well as newsradio imaging. His automotive voice overs are some of the best in the industry, and he also performs his fair share of narrations for real estate companies, e-learning, and explainer videos. His movie trailer voice is utilized by many as well.

Scott looks forward to partnering with you and your station.

Hard Sell Automotive

Voice Over Talent Scott Perry is the voice for automotive dealers all over North America. See and hear why his voice makes the difference between an average car spot and a spectacular high powered authoritative high powered attention grabbing automotive commercial that literally grabs the attention of the viewer or listener .

Soft Sell Automotive

Automotive advertising is beginning to trend towards a softer sell or friendly chat or tone. While you'll still hear the high powered in your face type of automotive voice over, advertising copywriters are no trending towards crafting the sales message in a softer less in your face type of style. Either way, give Voice Over Talent Scott Perry a shot at earning your automotive voice talent needs.

Automotive Voiceover Talent

Whether you're searching for a high energy automotive voice over talent or perhaps you'd like a professional voice over talent to deliver a medium or soft sell for your car commercial, Voice Over Talent Scott Perry will not only meet but exceed your expectation each and every time you need the perfect automotive voice over talent. We guarantee it!